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Minister of Foreign Affairs

Linas Linkevičius

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Minister L. Linkevičius presents plans for cooperation among the Baltic states

Created: 2018.10.26 / Updated: 2018.10.26 16:12

On 26 October, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius attended the 24th Baltic Council. He reviewed the implementation of priorities of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Baltic Council of Ministers in 2018 and presented plans for further cooperation among the Baltic states.

The Lithuanian Presidency will mainly focus on strengthening security of the Baltic region, the cooperation in the areas of information and cybersecurity, creation of regional electricity and gas markets, nuclear safety, and a common position of the Baltic states on designing the EU's multiannual financial framework for the years 2021 to 2027.

Lithuania‘s Foreign Minister said that Russian harmful and malicious cyber-attacks had often targeted the Baltic states.

"The EU sanctions on the perpetrators of cyber-attacks can help avoid potential risks, because the perpetrators would know that no crime goes unnoticed or unpunished," said the Minister L. Linkevičius.

Lithuania‘s Foreign Minister reminded that an unsafe Ostrovets NPP, which was under construction in the vicinity of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, put the solidarity of the Baltic states to test. He also called on the Baltic countries to jointly seek to stop the unsafe nuclear power plant from being brought into operation.

When speaking about the synchronization of the Baltic states' electricity grids with the continental European network, Lithuania‘s Foreign Minister stressed that it should be completed by 2025, because implementation delays would threaten energy security of the Baltic states and would allow third countries to blackmail them economically. The importance of the implementation of the joint project of the Baltic states – Rail Baltica – for their national security, as well as benefits to the region‘s economic and social integration were also highlighted.

During the event, Lithuania‘s Foreign Minister and the Chairman of the Baltic Assembly also signed a joint statement of the Baltic Assembly and the Baltic Council of Ministers.

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