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Lithuania’s national preparedness for No-Deal Brexit

Created: 2019.02.18 / Updated: 2019.02.21 15:59

In Lithuania, the preparations for all possible Brexit scenarios, including the No-deal scenario, are ongoing.

On February 13, Government of Lithuania agreed political guidelines on national contingency measures and approved a set of legislative measures that includes  proposals by Ministries for legislation (national contingency plan). The main goal of national contingency measures is to ensure No-Deal causes as few negative consequences as possible for Lithuanian citizens and business entities in the UK and for the UK citizens and business entities in Lithuania. Draft legislation to be submitted to the Government by 1st of March, with a view to adoption by Seimas in Spring session in March 2019 (urgent procedure).

Political contingency guidelines provide for:

- a transitional period by the end of 2020 or later date, subject to entering into force of new regulatory arrangements between EU-UK in the framework of future relations;

- preservation of rights of UK citizens residents of Lithuania before Brexit;

- preservation of favourable tax environment for UK businesses;

- application of reciprocity if UK applies more favourable conditions.

A list of laws to be ammended:

- Law on the Legal Status of Aliens in Lithuania and the accompanying social security legislation (set of 8 laws);

- Law on State Social Insurance;

- Law on Health Insurance;

- Law on Recognition of Regulated Professional Qualifications;

- Law on Corporate Income Tax;

- Law on Personal Income Tax;

- Law on Charity and Support;

- Law on Science and Studies;

- Law on Identity card and Passport;

- Consular statute. 

Press releases on decisions by Government on Brexit preparedness, 13 February, 2019: 

Additional information on national Brexit Preparedness:

In Lithuania Brexit related preparedness information and FAQs are published on following websites:

  1. General information on Brexit negotiations, preparedness and contingency measures, citizens’ rights  – on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.

Inquiries by email: [email protected] or by filling in a special E-Citizen inquiry form.

  1. Information for business sector on Enterprise Lithuania“ (Versli Lietuva) website.

List of contacts for consultations to business sector (exporters and start-ups)

  1. Information for foreigners and returnees (Lithuanian citizens living in the UK, who consider returning to Lithuania) on the website of Migration Information Centre "I Choose Lithuania".


8-800 22922 (calling within Lithuania)

+44-8000-318521 (calling from UK)

+370 525 14352  (calling from outside Lithuania)

Inquiries by email: [email protected]

  1. Information for UK citizens living in Lithuania – on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.

Inquiries by email: [email protected]

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